May 26, 2024

Best Tech Gadgets for 2023

When it comes to tech gifts, there’s no shortage of awesome options. Whether you’re shopping for something special for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just because, there are plenty of gifts out there that can make your loved ones’ lives easier.

Exercise enthusiasts will love the Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar, which measures everything from running power to heart rate and recovery time. Plus, its detailed apps enable them to stay motivated while tracking their workouts and health.

1. LG Gram UltraSlim

The LG Gram UltraSlim is lightweight and portable, designed to be your go-anywhere laptop without adding too much weight. Despite its sleek appearance, this 17″ model still packs plenty of power with Intel 12th Gen processors, PCIe 4.0 SSDs, and DDR5 memory for optimal performance.

In addition to the UltraSlim, LG’s 2023 Gram lineup includes new 17 and 16 laptop models (17Z90R, 16Z90R, 15Z90R and 14Z90R). Each offers impressive performance in a lightweight yet compact package – an iconic combination.

2. Ring Car Cam

Amazon’s Ring home security brand is venturing into car surveillance with their new dash cam. Featuring dual HD cameras that capture both outside and inside footage, this device allows for comprehensive video documentation of any vehicle.

This adapter plugs into your car’s OBD-II port and functions with an integrated power management system that shuts down before the battery drains completely. Furthermore, it uses low power mode when the vehicle is off or parked to help preserve battery life.

3. LG CineBeam PF510Q

LG’s Smart Portable Projector is small enough to carry around, throwing a 120-inch picture on any wall or screen. It runs LG’s smart TV platform and pairs with two Bluetooth speakers for stereo sound.

Home entertainment has never been so convenient! Watch movies indoors or enjoy outdoor streaming in your backyard with this projector’s bright but high quality image at 1080p resolution. It may not have the brightness of bigger projectors, but you won’t miss a thing!

4. Lenovo Smart Paper

The Lenovo Smart Paper is an educational-focused tablet. It comes equipped with a stylus and folio case so you can take notes in style.

The Smart Paper is a 10.3-inch e-ink tablet with pressure-sensitive pen input that costs $400 and will be released later this year.

5. Drop BMR1

Audio products brand Drop unveiled a pair of nearfield monitors at CES 2023 that they promise to deliver an authentic soundstage and superior imaging quality. These can be positioned horizontally or vertically, giving you plenty of options for your desk setup.

These speakers feature balanced mode radiators (BMR) and force-canceling passive radiators to deliver loud, distortion-free music with a wide dispersion. Plus, they come equipped with Bluetooth, headphone output and aux-in port for connectivity.

6. JBL Spinner BT

JBL Spinner BT Bluetooth turntable is ideal for both audiophiles and beginners alike, offering 24-bit hi-res playback of vinyl records through compatible headphones or speakers without sacrificing audio quality, according to the manufacturer.

This turntable features an Audio Technica MM pickup mounted on a removable headshell and an integrated moving magnet phono stage for direct connection to active speakers or traditional separates systems via cable. It also provides 33 1/3 and 45 rpm playback speeds with a speed sensor to guarantee your records are played in perfect pitch.

7. Razer Leviathan V2 Pro

For enhanced gaming audio, the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro uses AI head tracking and beamforming surround sound technology to send PC sound directly into your ears. Certified for THX Spatial Audio, it provides a personalized listening experience tailored specifically for gamers.

A sensor on the bar detects head movement and adjusts 3D audio beams in real time for optimal sound quality. It can even create a virtual soundstage where you are sitting for an incredibly immersive experience.

8. Samsung Smart Monitor M8

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a 32-inch 4K monitor packed with features and functions. One standout benefit is its ability to run various streaming applications without being connected to your PC.

It also functions as a SmartThings hub, enabling you to control your home smart devices remotely. This feature is uncommon at this price point and adds significant value to the device.

9. LG Gram Style

LG has unveiled the Gram Style, a laptop designed with an eye-catching glass design featuring iridescent colors that change depending on the lighting.

It also features a hidden touchpad with soft LED backlighting. Plus, there’s even a ‘glass palm rest’ that blends the glass with the keyboard for an ultra-modern design.

10. LG Gram UltraSlim

LG’s UltraSlim laptop is their newest offering, boasting an incredibly thin design – almost as thin as a notepad! At less than 2.5 pounds, it’s lightweight and portable.

The UltraSlim is a slim device, but it packs plenty of power behind its 15.6-inch Full HD OLED display and 13th Gen Intel Core processor. Plus, its long-lasting battery can provide power for two days!