May 26, 2024

Health Gadgets That Track Your Health

The latest health gadgets are all about tracking your health. With the latest health tech devices, you can now get medical-grade analyses of your fitness and well-being. But which one is right for you? Here are some examples to get you started. You might want to check out the Fitbit first, or the MyFitnessPal app. Or you can try the Vitastiq 2, which measures vitamin levels through your skin. Then, you can use the results to determine what you need to do to stay healthy.

For those looking to monitor their heart rate or get their blood pressure checked, the FDA-cleared AliveCor KardiaMobile offers unlimited EKGs. You can then email your EKG to your doctor. The TytoHome, another FDA-cleared device, lets you perform a basic medical exam in the privacy of your own home. This device pairs with a teleconferencing app that allows you to communicate with a healthcare provider and receive diagnosis, treatment plans, and prescriptions.

One such health gadget is the Sensate 2, a palm-sized device that helps with stress and anxiety. It works by providing continuous feedback on your posture, and breaks down the amount of time you spend sitting upright and slouching. Available for $227 on iTunes and Google Play, it’s recommended for anyone who needs pain relief therapy, including those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, and back pain.

If you’re concerned about your blood sugar levels, the BPM Core smart health monitor connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. It can record a medical-grade ECG and detect valvular heart disease. The device shows you your readings on the screen or in the Health Mate app on your smartphone. Color-coded feedback and professional recommendations help you stay on track of your health. It’s easy to use, and your doctor can review the results of your BPM Core on their app.

The Tyto device pairs with a teleconferencing app, so you can have a basic medical exam at home. The device connects with a certified healthcare provider, and gives you a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription. The TytoHome kit comes with a tongue depressor, otoscope, and stethoscope, so you can take the temperature of your heart and lungs. The Tyto is easy to use, and even works on smartphones.

The Sparkel Beverage System is a slim countertop gadget that infuses liquids with carbonation and delivers bottomless beverages. It helps you cut down on plastic and aluminum waste, too. The Standing Desk Balance Board encourages full-body movement. It also helps to offset the effects of sitting for long periods of time. The board is portable and quiet. Lastly, the UV sterilization pod is a great Father’s Day gift and a great gadget for your kitchen.

There is an increasing popularity of fitness trackers. One in ten adults owns a fitness band. In addition to increased functionality, the fitness tracker revolution is now fueled by social media. Many users are attracted to fitness trackers and other wearables that can provide instant gratification. The feedback from social media can be helpful in helping you lose weight, improve your overall health, and feel better about yourself. However, some consumers may be more concerned with the safety of their gadgets than benefits.